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Information before your appointment

A referral letter containing the reason for referral, a brief medical history and medication list is invaluable in order to perform an effective medical assessment. If any kidney ultrasound or CT scans have been done then these reports of these should also be appended to the referral. This referral can be obtained from your GP or referring specialist clinician. It can be either sent by post or fax.


Alternatively you can make an appointment at your convenience and your GP/referring doctor could give you the referral letter to bring to your first consultation.


Please note that a urine sample is often required as part of the clinic assessment and you may be asked for one when you arrive.

Good blood pressure (BP) control is the cornerstone of kidney health. Regular recording of BP is therefore important. Ideally this is performed at intervals at home with a home BP monitor and can also be performed at your GP surgery. Your blood pressure readings can be recorded on paper or an electronic spreadsheet. You are advised to bring these results with you to every kidney consultation.



British Hypertension Society (BHS) Home Blood Pressure diary [PDF]

Blood Pressure Association leaflet on monitoring home blood pressure [PDF]

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