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Engineered miniature kidneys come of age (Wed, 13 Feb 2019)
A research team has now removed a major barrier for the use of kidney organoids as a tool to model kidney diseases, test drug toxicities and eventually for the creation of organ replacements, the lack of a pervasive blood vessel system (vasculature). The team solved this problem with a powerful new approach that exposes stem cell-derived kidney organoids to fluidic shear stress and thus enables them to vascularize and mature further than they could before.
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Gory, freaky, cool: Marine snail venom could improve insulin for diabetic patients (Wed, 13 Feb 2019)
Researchers detailed the function of cone snail insulins, bringing them one step closer to developing a faster-acting insulin to treat diabetes.
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A High-Tech Pill to End Drug Injections (Fri, 08 Feb 2019)
Engineers have developed a tiny robotic capsule that injects insulin once it lands in the stomach.
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New tool predicts kidney stone recurrence (Fri, 08 Feb 2019)
Despite the prevalence of kidney stones, it is still difficult to predict who will experience recurrence. A new tool promises to make prediction easier.
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