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Nocturia More Bothersome Than Daytime LUTS (Wed, 23 May 2018)
Clinicians tend to focus on the number of voids, but patients worry more about interrupted sleep.
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Acute Kidney Injury Increases Heart Failure Risk (Wed, 23 May 2018)
If the study findings are confirmed, earlier detection of heart failure could save lives, according to researchers.
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Metabolic Syndrome May Increase BPH Risk (Mon, 21 May 2018)
Men older than 50 with metabolic syndrome had significantly greater risks for BPH than men without the syndrome.
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Stone Composition Affects Nephrolithiasis Recurrence Rate (Mon, 21 May 2018)
Uric acid and struvite stones are more likely to recur than calcium oxalate stones, according to a study.
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